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On Angel Wings Healing

Helping all I work with grow and heal!

Testimonials ---



Connie did a session with me using the Lemaurian Healing Rod. Hmmmm...... First of all, I

have done many different modalities over the years; from Holotropicic Breathwork to

Radical Forgiveness as well as cognitive based therapy and NLP. All of these have great

benefits, however one of the things in my case that is needed in any of these is to move

things from conscious competence to unconscious competence, ie habit or a natural way of being. My experience of this process, was, that during the process I was not aware of anything

going on ( which is good by the way). When I was done however, and we discussed it as well as checking in a couple of days later, it was discovered that I was operating differently, so

much so, and it being so natural, that I didn't notice the difference initially. One might think of

it as a reality change , like switching to a different alternate universe, which may be what

happened. All in all, anything I can tell you will not help you , park your expectations at the

door, because whatever you think or expect , you'll be looking in the wrong place!' ….????

!!&# hmmm, what ? oh.... 'would be a good way of expressing it.

Randy  7/18/21

I have had the privilege of working with Connie on more than one occasion. The most memorable though was at a Matrix Energetics Seminar, level 3.

Connie was working with me, and I was receiving. I remember dropping into this deep space, falling over onto the stage, and I started sobbing. Connie had helped me to access a place of deep grief that had been impeding my forward momentum since childhood, and she bore witness to that process for me. I experienced a massive emotional release, and afterwards felt amazing.

Connie creates a safe space for one to process whatever comes up. She doesn’t judge, she just witnesses the beautiful unfolding that is you and fully supports you on whatever journey that is most useful to you at the time.

I actually bought a session with Connie for my mother and she loved it! I have had several sessions with her, in-person and over the phone and she is equally effective at both.

Her kind heart and shining spirit are testaments to Divine Love and Grace, and we are so very lucky to have her here.

Shannon Duffey 1/2010

Seattle WA

Connie is the most amazing massage therapist and healer I've been blessed to know. She is in the North Houston area and her healing touch is phenominal. I've had great massages all over the world and by some fabulous people, but Connie is the only one that intuitively knows what I need in order to bring about healing and comfort. She works with a variety of healing modalities (Matrix is my fave!) and is also a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach. If you are in need of healing touch in person or even other types of healing via phone or her radio show, give her a call and tell her Lisa sent you!

Lisa Greene 2/2010

Houston, TX

I believe you to be an awesome lady. I believe you have all the qualities and solid inner and outer credentials that are essential to what you do. You walk the walk,not just talk the talk. I had some reservations about the kind of work you do until you gave me the opportunity to experience it first hand. I'm a true believer now. Along with all the wonderful things that I felt in the session, I felt a very strong connection to you when I shared about the rings I saw, and that you told me you typically see that, but for our session I was able to experience it instead. Now, how much more connected can you get than that?

Sharon Blackburn 3/2010

Celina OH

Thank you Connie,

I can not express how grateful I am too you for your help. You have helped me move a lot of lower energy and brought in some exciting higher loving, compassionate, healing energy. Thank you for the sessions and classes. Love your light, it shines bright and pure.

Student and Client,

Mary R, Juarez 2/2013

Tomball, TX

Hi everyone, I had a session with Connie West last night and it was very validating to what is currently going on in my life. She was amazing and her guides and angels were right on. She told me things and I would only respond with, I get that, without feeding her any details. She gave me details though that were spot on! When the session was over, I validated the details with her. Our souls are always in process, but if you feel stuck and can't move forward, I recommend a session with Connie. Thank you Connie!

Laura Powell Watson 10/2014 Baytown, Tx

Reiki Master

If any of you are overwhelmed with "life" and at your wits end on what to do, please contact Connie! Especially for those of you who are inclined to natural healing methods, she is a phenomenal healer and is in touch with with healing energies that will assist you releasing "Old" stuff to which you were old. I have been working with Connie for over 2 years and thought I was doing a good job at clearing out my old stuff, but the energies that are coming at us at this time are really pushing that old stuff to the surface faster than I could I could clear by myself. My two hour session really put me back in alignment and I feel as light as a feather! Connie is just awesome with the work she dies to help her clients! Thumbs up to Connie and her abilities!

Laura Lee Deanda 1/26/2017 Midland, Tx

I have had a few sessions with Connie West and I have been pleased with everyone of them:). She is warm,caring,insightful and highly intuitive. She knows exactly what I needed to hear from her guides and mine and what needs to be healed. She brings love and compassion to her sessions. She has brought a great deal of light into my life and continues to do so with each session. Thank you