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On Angel Wings Healing

Helping all I work with grow and heal!

Intuitive Card Reading

3 cards Intuitively chosen card decks and whatever is coming forward for shifts in perceptions or healings

Reiki Healing and Reading (1 card)

Reiki is a sacred healing energy that promotes sacred and physical shifts/healings. I have used Reiki for 25 yrs and teaching it to anyone wanting to learn and deepen their connection to Spirit for that long as well. (See class info below)

Lightfilled Crystal Healing

The energy of the session will be held in the crystal and you can use it to hold onto the energy of the session. This will also include a 15 minute follow up call a week or 2 later to check in with you.Using Reiki and Matrix Energetics to promote healing on all levels. Adding in a crystal that will be intuitively chosen that you and I will agree upon. This will be used in the healing and sent to you afterwards.

Cost of Crystal (usually will be from $20-$50 depending on what we choose)

You will need to join my Facebook Group to see the crystals available to add and the cost.  Ask me to invite you to join the private group!

Deep Soulfilled Healing

Using ancient and Multidimensional Lemurian Healing energy activated through a Lemurian Healing Rod and the Pathway Receptor Rods that help deepen healing and shifts from the core of issues and also surface issues.This session will include a 15 minute follow up call a week or 2 later to check in with you.

If you would like to add a Crystal to ground you in the shift you can. (usually between $20-$50) You will need to join my Facebook Group to see the crystals available and costs.  Ask me to invite you to the group!

All readings/session are introductory prices as of 4/15/2021

If you purchase 3 within 3 months (all sessions eligible and can be combined) you will be eligible for prices staying the same for 18 months, as you come back for sessions.  AND you will receive 15 extra minutes to each of the 3 sessions

See the reward program as well.

(SESSIONS USUALLY ARE 45-60 minutes and any follow up calls 15 minutes (more time will be extra)

New Referral Reward Program

I am excited to create a program that allows you to create session time for yourself and tell others what your experience has been with me as a "guide" and let them know what can be done when they are "willing" to ask me to help them!! You can share all that I post on Facebook or call people to email me....With this program the new client MUST PAY FOR THEIR SESSION and schedule the session with me before you receive the reward session. They must also advise me who referred them and I will connect with you to confirm you did refer! On this program there will be NO REFUNDS for the payments. All rewards must be used within 3 months of receiving information that you have time accrued!

3 referrals FREE 30 minute session

6 referrals FREE 60 minute session

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Class & Certification

(6-10 hour day depending on class size)​

Reiki Master Level Class & Certification

(2 days over 2 months--1 day each month)

Reiki Refresher Course for Level 1&2
Reiki Refresher Course for Master Level

Travel Fees if I come to you for any service $25.00

Work mainly with phone sessions, Facebook Messenger video or call or Zoom !