On Angel Wings Healing

Helping all I work with grow and heal!


An Angelic & Planetary Energetic Shift in Consciousness Grop Healing Teleconferences

I am so excited to facilitate these healing teleconferences I will be doing two times a month!

Each call is completely different and is full of angels/guides and healing energy! 

Cost $25 per person (includes recording)-which you will do through after each announcement of the week's topic and before the call. NEW pricing!

At that time, I will email you the phone number and access code to be able to be a participant.

If you are not able to attend, I will be able to offer the recordings for $5 after the call. (but must be paid for in advance so I can record it)

The calls will be different days and different times to accommodate my schedules as well as others in the world!

It will be a Group Healing session,including Matrix Energetics, Sound Healing and whatever shows up that helps, so if you haven't ever tried it or love it and want some transformational energy, go to the Prices page and donate $20 per person. I will then email you the phone number and access code for that night. Miracles are available to everyone--join in to see what shows up for you!

When you and pay for the session that create the energy connection for you to be able to know and feel that whatever the session sounds like or includes..you will feel a shift in your life too!!

All payments are nonrefundable-yet can be used for a different week if you miss the call.

Juels Yaklin and myself are doing doing these calls together most of the time and we have a group on Facebook of the same title. Let me know and I will add you as a member.

Reiki I and II Class Certification Class

Reiki Master Level Certification Class

Upon request! let me know!

Reiki Refresher Course for Level 1 &2

Reiki Refresher Course for Master Level

Look here every once in a while for FUTURE classes!

early Fall 2018 (September and October probably)

Radical Forgiveness Mini-Workshop

I have access to 3 DVD's on the Radical Forgiveness teachings --directly from Colin Tipping himself (author)

I have been a Radical Forgiveness Coach for many years and this is a timely series for all of us that are experiencing new and old feelings that are "in our face" to move through!! These are stand alone days yet each will feed off of the one before..so if you can be at all 3 of them it would be best!

Conscious Giving $40pp (discount if purchasing all 3 nights $100pp) (includes munchies)

Will be 3 Sundays-- not sure when I will start this--

Coming Soon!!

Awakening to the World of Possibilities (Transforming Your Life!)

A 6 month teleconference program --See separate page!

Classes will include all kinds of topics that the New Thought and Metaphysical community bring to the table, Radical Forgiveness, Reiki, and many other topics!